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at the massive leak of classified or documents. the u.s. defense secretary calls in the fbi. >> the battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies, and afghan partners. >> the worst infanticide in french history. a woman admits secretly killing eight of her babies. tombs of the unknown soldiers. puree in the u.s. over thousands of mislabeled graves at arlington national cemetery. >> welcome to bbc, forecasting to our viewers in the u.k. and around the world. the u.s. defense secretary robert gates has called in the fbi to look into the leaking of more than 90,000 classified military documents. the documents published on the wikileaks web site on sunday gave confidential information about the afghanistan war. >> u.s. forces depend daily on information from afghan civilians as they try to defeat the taliban in afghanistan. some might give information openly. others more secretly as spies. none expected earnings to be published on the internet. the dossier exposed this week include names, addresses, and fathers names comin
what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> at the u.s. steps up efforts to find those behind a leak of military secrets. presidents karzai say it puts afghan formants in danger. >> we consider that concern -- we consider that extremely irresponsible. >> the british prime minister and his trip to india defending his comments about pakistan's record on tackling terrorism. we report from the heart of the terrorist threat -- a town plagued by suicide bombings. >> people tell us is important that we should not say -- should not stay in any one place for about 20 minutes for our own safety. it has become one of the most dangerous places in pakistan. >> welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast on pbs in america and also around the globe. coming up later for you -- a french woman admits killing eight of her newborn babies, trying to hide the births from her husband. and the new starlet of indian cinema with a famous father talks about turning jane austen and to a bollywood blockbuster. >> in the first afghan government reaction to the wikileaks investigation, he said at the week'
on friday morning on investor jitters over the u.s. economic outlook. the nikkei 225 closed the morning session at 9,550 points, down 1.5%, or 146 ticks almost. sell orders dominated due to the strength of the yen, and on the weakness of new york shares. some electronics and automotive shares bucked the trend on the back of robust earnings reports. to currencies, on the tokyo foreign exchange the dollar is losing ground against the yen on friday morning. the greenback is currently changing hands at 86.47-51. investors took their cue from the dollar's overnight losses in other markets. contributing to the fall was the downgrade by the u.s. federal reserve of its economic assessment for some districts, dampening america's recovery outlook. concerns over ballooning u.s. fiscal deficits are also weighing down on the dollar. >>> and here's a look at the latest long-term interest rates. this is the yield on the benchmark ten-year japanese government bond. in other asian markets, hong kong's hang seng opened down 0.4%. it's currently down 0.2%, slightly recovered here. the shanghai key index f
more u.s. soldiers were killed in afghanistan in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 66 for july-- the most in a single month since the war began. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, ray suarez talks to two veterans of the iraq and afghanistan conflicts about the continued challenge from deadly roadside bombs or i.e.d.s-- the number one killer of americans. >> lehrer: we explore the latest mix of economic numbers and the prospects for the auto industry with business reporter micki maynard and economist martin bailey. >> woodruff: david brooks and ruth marcus, sitting in for mark shields, present their analysis of the week's news. ♪ >> lehrer: and sting with strings. jeffrey brown talks to rock star sting about his newest musical challenge-- performing with a 45 piece orchestra. >> the royal if i ma mar:-- philharmonic is a serious orchestra. so in a way it does flatter my ego but also i have to step up to the plate and... and you know, so it's a big challenge for me. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newsho
to obtain u.s. passports. the second time they have done so in two years. the government accountability office says that during the investigation the agents applied for seven passports and received three. more potential fallout from the wikileak data dump and gingrich wikileak data dump and gingrich has a warning of threats posed with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation. bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. leaf in face, marie, man with computer. [ man ] marie! if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, they'll send me a checfor the difference automatically. so i knoi'll get their lowest price. and i like knowing what to expect. bike, unrealistic splash, embarrassingly transparent. [ bell chimes ] [ male annouer ] when you orbitz, you know. tommy's a really good kid. my tommy would never even think about trying alcohol. isn't that right, sweetie? >> in international news, both of the u.s. navy sailors who disappeared last week in afghanistan have been confirmed dead. american and afghanistan officials say the two
and center as president obama spent the day in michigan talking about his decision to bail out the u.s. auto industry and pointing to gm as an economic comeback story. we got a new measure of just how the economy is doing overall. the gross domestic product which is the broads -- broadest measure of economic growth weakened to 2.4%. >>> in more unsettling news growth numbers from 2007 to 2009 revised downwards which shows the economic meltdown was even worse than previously thought. nbc white house correspondent savannah guthrie joins us with the white house's take on where all this puts us. savannah, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, ann. one senior white house official told me today you've got to look at the big picture. 18 months ago the economy was falling off a cliff. today it is growing, but even officials here acknowledge that this recovery is running into some headwinds. [ applause ] >> reporter: the president today in michigan, taking a short spin in chevy's new hybrid electric vehicle. in the heart of car country, mr. obama hopes to highlight a turnaround story, an am
-- baltimore is home to a new group of u.s. citizens. whom better to welcome them that our own proud american rob roblin. >> people from all over the world saw it today as a day they would never forget. >> i am happy. i am happy. >> it was an emotional day for hurt and the other immigrants who became u.s. citizens today. a family and friends gathered at the war memorial building for the swearing in of our new citizens. >> i hereby declare -- >> the new citizens came from over 40 countries from all over the world. stephanie roblin splake welcomed the new citizens. >> continued to celebrate the culture and customs of your homeland. these are beautiful traditions that will become the fabric of what we call america. >> for those that became citizens, it was a dream come true. >> i start to live in a free country, to do what ever i like to do in this great land. >> it may be possible for me to achieve the goals of this beautiful country. i am a citizen of the united states of america. >> i have been waiting for a long time. i have all of these wonderful freedoms. what was a day that the new citize
despite the fact that a u.s. district judge in phoenix stopped some of the most controversial provisions of the bill from taking effect. >> stopping people with probable cause, turning them over to i.c. e. she didn't restroke that. >> reporter: including the portion that included police to revoke immigration status if they think the person they stopped on a crime is in the country illegally. several protesters who were ready to be arrested were stopped. some in new york city staged their own showing of solidarity. >> we have more than appetite for is comprehensive immigration reform. that secures our border and forces our laws, protects our workers, unites our families and has a path to legalization. >> reporter: and despite the well publicized protest, recent polls show that almost half of californians and the majority of americans support the arizona immigration law. rob roth is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: we're in the foothill boulevard overpass, this is where dozens of people are expected to rally in support of arizona immigration bill. if you have already arrived,
, david. more news coming in from reuters, french police say that three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening mail. it is not known what caused that poisoning. three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poison after opening mail. let's get to the rest of the day's headlines. >> david, thank you. in northwest pakistan over 300 people have been killed in the worst drug busts the country has seen in 80 years. washing away cattle, roads, and bridges. forecasters say that more rain is on the way. they said they fear the death toll will go much higher because many areas are inaccessible to rescue teams. >> thousands of soldiers according to the pakistani army are involved in those rescue operations. we have seen extraordinary television pictures of villages being washed away. many of them are mud brick, of course. entire villages were wiped away. livestock and people being carried away by the water, very large districts that are entirely submerged. we have seen footage of people clinging to rooftops. we hear that about 9
and its source within the u.s. military of murder. >> the truth is, they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> reporter: in what appears to be an attempt to build a criminal case against julian assange, the head of wikileaks, defense secretary gates asked the director of the f.b.i. to join the investigation. >> the battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies, and afghan partners. >> reporter: the documents reveal the names of afghans who provided intelligence to the u.s.; their lives are now in danger. and their exposure will send a chill through anyone else thinking of helping >> will people whose lives are on the line trust us to keep their identity secret? >> reporter: the documents also provide a road map to the american military's tactics. this, for instance, is a moment- by-moment log of what u.s. troops did after specialist bowe bergdahl was captured by the taliban. and the damage could get worse. >> it could be a substantial, additional number o
is convicted. both suspects are due in court next week. >>> >>> the u.s. economy had the weakest growth in almost a year. the commerce department said the gross domestic product grew 2.4% in april, may and june. that is down from 3.7% revised number. weaker consumer spending and less growth from companies rebuilding inventories are seen as the main factor for the drop in growth. >>> the transit labor dispute is heading to court today. the judge may decide whether or not to overturn a contract that was imposed on transit employees. the contract changed work rules and shifted hours. that angered a lot of bus drivers who have been accused of staging a sickout. they say they need concessions from the union to reduce the budget deficit. they say if the judge reinstates the old contracts, all weekend transit service could be eliminated. >>> all right. time is 7:08. >>> yesterday we had call train delays. do we have them today. >> we do furtherly. we have a train that's been cancelled. i'm looking at the e-mail sent from cal train. let me pull this up here. it is train 309. it has been cancell
for u.s. troops in the afghan war. names and faces for the victims. >> i'm drew griffin in for tony harris. those stories and your comments right here right now in the cnn newsroom. >>> let's start with the economy. the government's latest report on the health of the u.s. economy is out, and while there are signs the economy is growing, it's happening very slowly. what does that mean for one of ten americans out of work? carter evans on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the breakdown. it looks like the economy is growing at an an peoplic rate. >> the economy is growing at 2.4%, the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic activity in our country what does this report mean for the people looking for a job right now? it means more uncertainty and the problem with that is when things are uncertain, employers aren't hiring. let's focus on growth. our gdp -- this short shows you the growth. we have been growing. that is good news. just the pace, drew, is not as fast as we would like to see. >> and, carter, the growth rate is heading in the wrong direction with
for u.s. troops since the war beban there nine years ago. the death toll now is at 66 and that breaks a record set just last month of 670 u.s. deaths. >>> commanders warn that casualty numbers might climb even higher. president obama has ordered 30,000 more troops to afghanistan to help to turn the tide against taliban fighters. >>> back here at home, a big salute for casualties of that war. walter reed army medical center posted a purple heart ceremony for three soldiers from connecticut, virginia and washington. they were injured supporting combat operations in afghanistan. >> a confession from behind bars. the young sniper lee boyd malvo now says he and john muhammad committed twice as many shootings but is there any truth to his new confession. 9 news now investigates up next. to help avoid dental problems i give patients act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. >>> the young viced sniper who terrorized the area in 2002 in a killing spree that left ten people dead now boasts that he and his accomplice
openly. >> we don't see police. there's no police around here. >> reporter: a u.s. district court judge agreed with the obama administration that the arizona law was unconstitutional on its face. arizona filed an appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals. the legal controversy over sp 1070 will likely be decided in the supreme court. brad wheelis, abc news. >>> authorities say the federal judge in the case has been getting threats over her controversial ruling. and they are taking them all seriously. the u.s. marshal spokesman says judge susan bolton, has received thousands of phone calls and e-mails since her preliminary injunction this week. the threats are all being investigated. >>> on capitol hill, the house ethics committee is preparing to try new york congressman charles rangel for a series of ethics violations. the charges against the democrat have now been made public after a two-year investigation. jonathan karl has the story. >> reporter: the ethics committee report on rangel is detailed. and it is scathe. it accuses him of, quote, a pattern of disregard for the laws of th
livable. i also wanted to move this project for another reason, which is important to u.s. dot. that reason is we are involving a number of small and disadvantaged businesses, a key goal of u.s. dot. you see the new equipment here. that is simply because of the investment small businesses are able to make because of the recovery act. it is critical that small business is also a part of -- not just sharing in the economy -- by helping us to recover from an economic standpoint. let me close with a few words about our main priority as u.s. dot, and that is safety. we have many projects across the country that are underway and we need to be extra careful when driving through work zones. we want to make sure that men and women building the infrastructure are safe, and that is important for all of us. i would ask you to please keep that in mind. whenever you are behind the wheel, please turn off your cell phone and pay attention to your driving. i were transportation secretary ray lahood is leading a national effort to bring attention to the dangerous act of talking while driving. in
the war saying u.s. national security and afghan lives are at risk. officials say that manning is essentially on a suicide watch out of fear that he may try to harm himself. >>> with one day left in july, it has already become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. overnight, we learned three more u.s. service members have been killed. a nato statement released early this morning says the americans died in two separate blasts. just minutes ago, another report that three more soldiers have died. those six deaths bring the u.s. death toll in afghanistan to at least 66 according to the "associated press." that's the highest one-month total in the history of a nearly nine-year war. >>> marc riders are feeling the pain caused by yesterday's storms. several trains were canceled less than a day after power lines fell on to the tracks. it happened between silver spring and formest glen stations just before the evening rush. thousands of commuters from union station dealt with delays. the situation was much worse for more than three dozen passengers on board a train that wa
of the project. those are the u.s. army corps of engineer, the u.s. fish and wildlife service, california department of fish and game, and the regional water quality control board, all of whom need to issue permits in order for us to go to construction, and this approach is as follows. instead of developing small mitigation sides, et they recommend mitigation. what we have found is to say let's consolidate all of these small pieces for different kinds of habitats and come up with a really nice large piece of land that is basically habitat compensation, and the agencies all support this approach and are working with us to develop the specifics of these. so to go to the specific sites, the walk site is in the upper alameda creek, near the upper of the meeting creek. -- upper alamitos creek. -- alamitos -- alameda creek. it also has the creation of new seasonal wetlands. what grazes there? cows. president maxwell: who do they belong to? i have the project manager. >> good afternoon. will lease the land. president maxwell: we are upgrading some of the improvement? >> we are upgrading it for a
view" instead of taking the time to visit the u.s./mexico border. here's a sneak peek of her new book. >>> well, palin may be today's conservative flavor of the moment, but another major right winger hasn't mellowed with age. conservative activist phyllis schlafly. with talking points memo this is what she said, "all welfare goes to unmarried moms." she also linked single women, obama and welfare saying, "unmarried moms are trying to position their constituency for the president and the democrats against republican candidates." >>> could be the wedding of the century, centuries young, but that's what they're saying and it's happening tomorrow. secret details on chelsea clinton's big day won't be secret any more. we've got them in three minutes. >>> time for your business entrepreneur of the week. former long beach police officer tom lane knew stealing with stolen property took up law enforcement's valuable time. working with the departments to auction stolen goods online things like electronics, sports equipment and even a coffin. for more, watch your business on msnbcp. [ animals cal
that we would have lost 1 million jobs in the auto industry had the u.s. government not intervened and looking at how the auto industry added jobs instead of shedding 300,000 as it did before the intervention. again, saying, yeah, a rainstorm outside and would be a hurricane if we hadn't did what we had done. not an easy argument to make. >> no. indeed. john harwood, cnbc, thank you so much for the report on the new numbers just out last hour. thanks. >>> all right. at the pentagon, a new report that shocks but in some ways does not surprise. an alarming rate of suicides in the army after a force that's been at war for nine years. the suicide rate is at the highest number in 30 years now. more than 1,700 soldiers aterveted suicide last year. 160 succeeded. nbc's jim miklaszewski following this live from the pentagon. throughout this report, it really portrays a fighting force that is under tremendous stress. >> reporter: and it's not just suicide, savannah. criminal activities, alcohol abuse by soldiers not only in the field but once they return home from the war, and are garrisone
's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence >>> three u.s. troops died in afghanistan, making that the deadliest month for u.s. forces in the war. nato says the three latest casualties died in two separate blasts. in southern afghanistan. commanders had previously warned the number of deaths could increase as the military ramps up its war on the taliban. >>> the fbi is helping track down those responsible for leaking more than 90,000 pages of classified documents on the war. they showed up open the wicki leaks website and alison burns is live now in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on this story. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we do have some new information this morning. the 22-year-old soldier suspected of leaking more than 90,000 documents from afghanistan has been moved from ku wait to the military base at virginia about 25 miles from us here on capitol hill. the fbi also has a base there and is on the case now. defense secretary bob gates and joint chiefs chairman called the leak of these secret documents deeply da
the u.s. military of murder. here's the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen. >> i think we always need to be mindful of the unknown potential for damage in any particular document that we handle. mr. assange can say whatever he likes about the greater good he thinks he and his source are doing, but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> wikileaks' founder refuses to say how his site got the documents. but nothing is secret on the internet. the military may have a hacker, a convicted criminal from california, to thank for cracking this case. his name is adran lamo, just 29 years old. in 2004 he was convicted of breaking into "the new york times," microsoft and lexus nexus computers. he went to the federal government to show the leaking. the website might also face chinl charges. barbara starr has the latest developments in our next hour. >>> so where's all the spilled oil? the coast guard insists it can't find much more to clean up on the surface of the gulf. their crews keep conducting fly
copia county. >>> a milestone in the afghan war. july now the deadliest month in the war for u.s. troops. more people are asking, is this fight worth the cost? >>> and we are coming back. that is president obama's message for the auto industry. we're tracking his trip aimed at boosting the big three. >>> but first, you have got to see this. this is one congressman saying he's not taking it anymore. here is what he said. anthony weiner, congressman of new york said today, maybe the brooklyn in me came out. he's referring to what happened last night on the flash of the house of representatives after a bill that he co sponsored didn't make it for procedural reasons. listen to him in his own words. >> the gentleman from new york is recognized. >> mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the distinguished gentleman from new york, mr. weiner. >> great courage, to wait until all members have already spoken and then stand up and wrap your arms around procedure. we see it in the united states' senate every day where members say we want amendments, we want debate, but we're still a no. and then we stand
president and the u.s. secretary of state gets ready to say i do at a pricey affair. first tonight, a sign that congressman charlie rangel could face a relatively light penalty if he is eventually found guilty of ethics violations. today one of the lawmakers on the rangle investigation panel said he and his colleagues have recommended a reprimand. that's basically when the house votes to express displeasure with the lawmaker's actions. it's the mildest form of official punishment and it would only come if congressman rangle's fellow lawmakers find him guilty in a trial this fall. you will recall rangle is accused of 13 ethics violations, including failing to report rental income and accepting favors from donors. rangle maintains he hasn't done anything wrong but just hours ago, word that more democrats are now calling on the congressman to resign. molly henneberg with the news live on capitol hill. molly, it seems the congressman's support is eroding a bit. >> jon, five house democrats have now come forward and said they think congressman rangle should resign. the latest is john from kentu
, sandra hughes. >>> the u.s. consulate in juarez is closing. that comes about four months after drug gang hit and killed four people connected to the consulate including a u.s. counselor employee and her husband. >>> meanwhile, one of the top leaders of mexico's most powerful drug cartel has been killed in a gun battle. the mexican army calls his death the biggest strike against the cartel in years. >>> july has become the deadliest month of the afghan war for u.s. forces. three american service members died in two explosions in southern afghanistan on thursday and that brings the death toll for july to 63 americans killed. casualties have been rising steadily this year as nato forces go on the offensive against taliban strongholds. >>> in other news, the investigation into the leaks of tens of thousands of afghan war documents could stretch beyond the military. terrell brown is in washington with the latest on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've always been under the impression these documents were leaked from someone within the military. defense secretary r
with the blood of americans. let me explain. july is officially the deadliest month for u.s. forces in nine long years of the war with 66 americans killed. the danger and the volatility aren't limited to the battle field. there are scores of people who riot in the afghan capital today after a vehicle carrying four u.s. contractors was involved in an accident with a car carrying four afghans. our cnn reporter ness kabul. >> reporter: around 3:00 p.m. friday afternoon and here in the capital of kabul, on airport road, this road is called airport road, two american vehicles were driving when one hit a civilian vehicle in the end killing two adults, one man, one woman, and injuring four others. this is the remains of the first car. this is apparently the car that actually hit the civilian vehicle. if you notice they were trying to leave after being attacked by other civilians in the area. while they tried to leave their car got stuck here on this side of the curb. and if we walk here we can show you the rocks thrown by the afghans in the area who saw everything happen. it was an angry mob. over a th
in the u.s. is it global warming? n?> and want to win? takesp shooter takes on a carnival game at the state fair. >>> good evening. arizona's immigration law is on ild. the protests are not. emboldened by a judge's rebuke embold of that law yesterday, hundreds of that law s opponents of the crackdown sok to the streets today. but the state's unyielding but the unyieldingtood by the law and filed an appeal. barbara pinto is in phoenix phoenix she's been there all day, in the middle of the stormy showdown. >> reporter: protesters descended on phoenix -- >> never be defeated! >> reporter: despite a judge's ruling to delay enforcement of most of the state's new crackdown on illegal immigrants. demonstrations started at dawn, hundreds of protesters, dozens of arrests, tempering flaring. tensions are running high here outside this jail, where protesters have gathered. it's become a standoff with sheriff's deputies who are trying to push their way out of the building. demonstrations were loud, disruptive, but mostly peaceful. >> joe arpaio has picked the easy targets, the day laborers. let's go a
>> susie: they're the foundation of the u.s. economy, but today a bill to boost lending to small businesses and increase hiring hit a wall in the senate. still, business owners say they need the help. >> i don't want to hire somebody and have to lay them off if work slows down. >> tom: we'll tell you what's holding her and others back from hiring. you're watching "nightly business report" for thursday, july 29. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good evening everyone, a big setback for small business tonight. senate republicans blocked a $30 billion plan to boost lending for the nation's small businesses. tom, president obama was counting on this bill to create jobs. >> tom: susie, the legislation also would have provided $12 billion dollars in tax breaks, but opponents argued it was just another expensive program packed with extra spending. >> susie: this impasse
for the proud ranks of the u.s. army. we begin tonight with our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. based on this new report, the army promises to fix its mental health problems and put its soldiers first, but it's got a long way to go. as a specialist in the army jennifer crane was sent off to afghanistan. >> two weeks after we landed there, we were attacked for the first time. >> reporter: the war took a heavy personal toll. once back home, she got hooked on cocaine and ended up on the streets. >> unfortunately, didn't cope with anything fairly well. >> reporter: jennifer got the necessary counseling and is back on her feet, but a devastating new report from the army today reveals that after nine years of war, thousands of soldiers never survive their own personal battles. >> we have an army that's been fully engaged for almost nine years now. i don't think that we fully understand the toll that that's taken on the forces. >> reporter: the numbers are staggering. last year, more than 1,700 soldiers attempted suicide. 160 succeeded -
." the chaos broke out in what's become the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan. the death toll has reached at least 66 with section more soldiers killed in roadside bombings. that break the record set only last month when 60 americans died. u.s. and nato commanders said casualties may climb. pushing further into taliban territory and taking the fight to the enemy. president obama has ordered up 30,000 more troops to afghanistan to help turn the tide against taliban fighters. it's nearing a peak of 150,000 as the nine-year war goes on. >> the white house is asking the website wikileaks, not to post any more documented about the afghan war, saying security and lives are at risk. >>> there were sphrietenning moments for a construction worker in northeast washington. a 62-year-old man was operating a heavy piece of equipment to dig a trench when he fell into a large hole on maryland avenue on capitol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free the worker. he was rushed to a nearby hospital with serious but non- life-threatening injuries. >>> the washing ton redskins has reached
are investigating as to the set -- suspicious letters into the u.s. embassy. paris police say it appears that the envelope was filled with tear gas. two employees who handle the or to the hospital. the embassies of releasing any details about where this letter came from. paris police are still investigating. >>> this weekend is now the target to permanently plug the gulf oil leak. and another sign of progress there, the waters are opening back up to a fisherman in the gulf. but many are worried about how soon they will be able to actually make an income. bp is focusing on the long-term cleanup. mike has more. >> it is the beginning of the end of an oil spill, now more than 100 days old. bp says the capped wells could be shut down for good by next week. >> we are making good progress toward both the static kill and the bottom relief well. they look to be laying the casing line into the relief will later this evening. " alexi, mississippi, today, bp allied its recovery efforts to be managed by the head of fema under president clinton. local officials in louisiana have been clamoring for lo
on the streets of kabul broke out on what has become the deadliest month for forces in afghanistan. the u.s. military says the death toll has reached at least 66 with 6 more soldiers killed in roadside bombings in and an attack by ininsurgents, that breaks the record set only last month when 60 americans died. u.s. and nato commanders warn casualties may climb as forces go on the offensive. pushing further into taliban territory and taking the fight to enemy. >> 200 meters. >> see 'em. >> reporter: president obama has ordered up 30,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan to help turn the tide against the determined taliban fighters. total foreign troop levels are now nearing a peak of 150,000 as the nine-year war rages on. gata, wjz, news. >>> the three service members killed yesterday died in two separate blasts in southern afghanistan. >>> a state delegate here plans to present a bill to bring an immigration lay similar to arizona's to our state. protests were held as arizona's immigration law came in 0 effect. now he wants them to pass what he calls "the cyst section's rights act," it would
of fraud by the u.s. government. scott bud man is here, i hear the word lawsuit is being bandied about? >> this is the u.s. justice department going after oracle. announcing plans this afternoon to join a fraud lawsuit filed against oracle. claiming the company did not offer deals. the original lawsuit was filed by an oracle employee as a whistle-blower. the mountain view search giant says mainland china has cut off google's search engine. google shares falling in after hours trading because of that news. as for the regular session, can you see stocks fell despite a drop in jobless claims, investors still uncertain about the direction of our economy. speaking of uncertainty. toyota announcing a recall today. 400,000 of its avalon and lexus ls-470 models because of a recall that could lead to loss of driver control. back to you. >> thanks, scott. >>> a huge drug cartel hot bust nets almost 100 mexican nationals in the sierra mountains. the raids were part of a sweep in the mountain range. agents combed remote areas in fresno, madara counties, scoring $1.7 billion worth of illegal weed.
u.s. automakers are operating at a profit. >> michael smerconish is a radio talk show host and an msnbc contributor. i want to get straight to what the columnist in the "detroit free press" said about the fact that chrysler is not only alive but profitable in a weak market after years of losing billions of dollars when car and truck sales were 50% higher, it looks like more than just a successful government intervention, it looks like a flat out miracle. what's your take? >> i have a lot of radio listeners that i would like to introduce that columnist to. i just concluded two programs where i heard from all sorts of folks when i framed the issue, did the ends justify the means? if the industry is getting paid back through the t.a.r.p. program, doesn't that mean that the programs were successful? and thomas you would be surprised perhaps to hear from so many people who say no, still we think it was a mistake on ideological grounds to which i responded and said behind closed doors, congress wasn't pursuing ideology and nor was the administration. it was all about putting out
of kabul broke out during what's become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. >>> u.s. military says the death toll has reached 66, with six more killed in roadside bombings in attacks by insurgents. that breaks the record set last month, when only 60 died. they warn, casualty may clime -- climb, as forces go on the offensive. pushing further on taliban territory. and taking the fight to the enemy. >> president obama has ordered up 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan to help turn the tide against determined taliban fighters. total foreign troop levels are now nearing a peak of 150,000, as the nine-year war rages on. >> charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> improvised explosive devices, known as ied, now account for two-thirds of u.s. fatalities in afghanistan. >>> a u.s. soldier suspected in the release is now in jail. private first class bradley manning arrived late last night. he faces four charges, relating to the leak of an afghan war video to the website wiki leaks. suspected possible involvement to the same website of tens of thousands of classified documents. >
organize, to defend the rights of my grants. we organize u.s. citizens. so that they vote. he's going to be a huge target. >> the demonstrators fear it means people arrested for small infractions will be deported and children, left behind. law student says she saw this firsthand working in a ventura county law office. >> their families just must be heart broken. it's something like you know like a traffic infraction or something like that that is so little could just shatter families life in an instant. >> the executive director of alliance for a sustainable usa supports fcom saying it's time to control immigration. >> american taxpayers should not be paying for social services because illegal families. >> brown's san francisco office did promise to pass on the contact information saying maybe a face-to-face meeting could be arranged. and we did call hoiz sacramento office today for comment on the events and just have not yet heard back. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and a group gathered in pleasanton this evening to protest ruling that overturned a toughest part of th
. >> sreenivasan: afghan president hamid karzai complained today that u.s. and nato forces are not attacking taliban sanctuaries. he said, the "sources of funding and training of terrorism lie outside afghanistan"-- an apparent reference to pakistan. this week's huge leak of u.s. military documents depicted pakistan's spy agency collaborating with the taliban. karzai said the leaks have also jeopardized afghan informants. >> whether those individuals acted legitimately or illegitimately in providing information to the nato forces-- they are lives. and those lives will be in danger now. therefore, we consider that extremely irresponsible and an act that one cannot overlook. >> sreenivasan: in washington, defense secretary robert gates also criticized wikileaks for releasing 91,000 classified documents. he warned of severe consequences for u.s. troops and u.s. allies. >> it's amazing how much trust matters in relationships whether with governments or individuals around the world. it seems to me as a result of this massive breach of security we have considerable repair work to do in terms of re
will be with us here in the studio. breaking news overnight. it's grim. >> very grim. breaking news. three u.s. troops killed in afghanistan yesterday making july the deadliest month for american forces in the nearly nine-year war. nato officials say the troops died in two separate blasts in the southern part of the country. according to an associated press count that brings the u.s. death toll for the month to at least 63. june had been the deadliest month for the u.s. with 60 deaths and for the overall nato led force with 104 fatalities. meanwhile a new report on the increase in army suicides finds the military is failing its soldiers as they deal with repeated deployments to afghanistan and iraq. according to the army study, military commanders are so focused on preparing their troops for war, they are allowing them to engage in risky behavior back here at home like drug and alcohol abuse that may lead to suicide. the army counted 160 suicides last year, the highest total ever. a senate report reveals as many as 6,600 graves may be unmarked or mislabeled at arlington national cemetery. a pr
's second largest economy. still, the per capita is just a fraction of the u.s. number at about $46,000 a year. >>> according to the world bank, the chinese economy could overtake this. >>> disney says it will sir miramax for more than a half a billion dollars. disney has signed an agreement to sell the studio to an investor group for $660 million. >>> still resonated with family- friendly studios. like pixar and marvel. >>> and headed east for chelsea clinton's wedding. steven spielberg and barbra barbara barbra streisand are some expected to attend. the floral bill alone could be as high as $250,000. for now, that's your money watch. log onto cbs money in new york, i'm allison alison harmelin. >>> coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. gun rights. the same witness sets its sight on maryland. the lawsuit filed in charm city. >>> i'm ron matz at the junior league of baltimore. if you're looking for women's shoes, we've got them this weekend. the big sale, a preview coming up right here on wjz. >>> a lovely friday afternoon. but what about the weekend? meteorologist tim wil
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